Oracle of the Forest Handmade Incense

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Oracle of the Forest Handmade Incense

Imagine walking through a field on a Summer day......

The smell of freshly cut grass lingers in the air, as you walk with your bare feet sinking into the earth.  The lazy days of Summer, filled with imagination and daydreams, are beckoning to you.  You billow your blanket out into the air and as it settles on the ground.  Time slows down and you give over to it.  The sun warms your skin through the trees, the music of the river flowing fills your ears, as you close your eyes for a moment to

This is the fantasy with which we handcrafted the sensual scents of our Oracle of the Forest incense.  

Oracle of the Forest Incense is created with an organic wood base, with top notes of fig and fern and a full body scent of freshly cut grass and sensual summer days.

Our incense arrives to you in a keepsake Love Witch travel tin. 

Because of the wood base, our incense is self-igniting, meaning you can put a tiny pinch on the top of the tin, light, blow out so that there are burning embers and the sweet smoke will take you on the journey of the Oracle of the Forest.  You can burn in a cauldron or any heat safe container as well.  Loose wood base incense is the choice of magic makers because of its dramatic flair while burning.  

Original Blend created with love by David Garfinkel & Veronica Varlow, handcrafted at Enchantments in NYC.