Strawberry Moon Handmade Incense

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Strawberry Moon Handmade Incense
Strawberry Moon Handmade Incense

Crafted during the magic of the rising Strawberry Moon of June, this organic wood powered incense can be used all year round to amplify love and creativity in your world.

The Strawberry Moon is also known as the Honey Moon or Rose Moon, sparking love and sensuality.  David Garfinkel and Veronica Varlow, have crafted a unique limited edition of their own secret recipe to bring in the love magic of this powerful moon.

A delicious organic wood blend infused with oils and herbs, our Strawberry Moon incense is self-igniting.

Simply place a teaspoon of the incense in your cauldron, on a teaspoon, in a clay, ceramic or other fire-proof dish and light!

For use in all your favorite spells, to spark that sweet June moon va-va-voom all year round, and to waft the smoke all around your tresses to draw in the romance vibes.

The incense comes in a keepsake Love Witch 1oz Travel Tin to keep it fresh.

 Original blend created by Legendary Lovers, Conjuring Co-Conspirators (and Vampires) - David Garfinkel & Veronica Varlow.


Blended with Love at Enchantments in NYC.