Love Witch Academy: An Online 10-Week Love & Sensuality Magic School

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Love Witch Academy: An Online 10-Week Love & Sensuality Magic School
What happens when the Love Goddess that you conjure is YOU?
Say YES to your own Divine.
Everlasting Mojo.  Wild Hearted Passion.  Sacred Sensuality.  Legendary Love.  
Come Claim What Is Yours.
Naked Honesty.  Intimate Connection.  Passion Partnership.
Put a Love Spell on yourself and watch the whole world fall at your feet.
Give yourself permission to pay attention to your desires and your passions.
What are the keys that open your wild heart, Babe?
Let's discover them all, through play, through rituals, through mojo magic.
Sensuality is its own secret language....
learn the ways to speak it fluently and your entire life, in all areas will blossom.

Our journey over the course of 10 weeks will include:

  • Love Healing
  • Self Love Supreme
  • Glamouring, Mirror Magic and the Science of Body Language
  • Worship at the Temple of Love
  • Cultivate Fantasy
  • Sizzling Secrets to Ignite Confidence and Mojo
  • Magnetizing and Strengthening Your Legendary Love 
  • The Art of Slow, Sensual Mojo
  • Mind Blowing Sensuality and Sex Magic
  • Epic Love Rituals for Yourself (and also for Friends and a Partner)


The Love Witch Academy is designed to bring you absolute delight in manifesting your own delicious love story in life.  DAILY!

Whether you are single or partnered, this will help you level up to LEGENDARY, because you're a bad bitch and a LOVE WITCH.

You will receive:

  • Weekly modules of step-by-step videos that you can watch on your own schedule in the privacy of your own home.
  • Each Module comes with a video and a bonus PDF Love Witch Academy Handbook chapter to further explore our weekly topic.
  • Plus, you'll get my personal secrets for creating sensual ritual, igniting your love life and manifesting fantasy in our own secret interactive group online.
  • Take me with you EVERYWHERE.  Watch the modules from your phone or computer and create your own schedule of learning that works best for you!

I Personally Guarantee This Program, or Your Money Back.

I'm proud of this program and I know that my Love Witch Academy is something so personal and deeply connected, that  you will be able to truly change your life and amplify love all around you.  I stand by my work and my decades of experience.  I will guarantee you your money back if you are not satisfied.


I believe in the mesmerizing intimacy that occurs when we allow ourselves to slow down and worship the temple of our own bodies, our spirits and our divine imaginations.

I believe in creating deep soul connection and trust, in first, ourselves, then in our sacred relationship with a partner, and this vibrancy of love continues on through all the work we do in the world.

Let's make this LEGENDARY together.

See you at the Academy.