Tarot School: a 10 Week Online Course to Master the Tarot


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Tarot School: a 10 Week Online Course to Master the Tarot

Have you always been interested in tarot but got overwhelmed by boring books and endless meanings to memorize?

Have you felt a disconnect to the cards that made you question your own intuition and ability to "read" or do it "right"?

It's not YOU, it's all the dry, disconnected ways that tarot is taught in the world.

Grandma Helen taught me the cards as a child by telling me a mini "story" behind each card that I was able to connect with and remember with ease. 

Love Witch Tarot Method is based on how Grandma Helen taught me.

Through our journey together, you will form a lifelong relationship with your deck by linking each card to a relevant event in your own life story.

I have never seen this process described in any book or heard of any other teacher using this method to learn the language of tarot.  I swear by this deeply connected way of learning with my whole wild heart.

Getting passionate about your tarot charms is the Love Witch Way, Babe!

Come and join me on this unforgettable journey of mystery and magic into the world of tarot cards and the stories they hold for you.

Whether you are a beginner, or an advanced reader, there is something for everyone in the Love Witch Tarot School.  

Unleash your own Wild Intuition.

Receive Weekly Modules of Step By Step Videos that you can watch on your own schedule.

Each module comes with a video and bonus PDF Tarot Workbook to futher explore the cards.

PLUS you'll get my personal secrets for performing readings and insider knowledge of what I've discovered after professionally reading thousands of clients.

Take me and the tarot with you everywhere!

Watch the modules from your phone or computer and create your own schedule of learning that works best for you!


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