Magic Mondays of the Mystical Arts: A 7 Week Online Course

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Magic Mondays of the Mystical Arts: A 7 Week Online Course
Magic Mondays of the Mystical Arts: A 7 Week Online Course

Calling all Cosmic Babes!

Forget what you think you know abut magic.  It’s not about getting a thing, it’s about enhancing something that no one can ever take away from you….

You own unique power.

Practicing the Mystic Arts is about developing self confidence, truly listening to your inner knowing, upping your magical vibration and taking action on the badass life you were born to live.

Great change is made with ACTION.

And sometimes taking action can be hard without support.  I’m talking about those yearly planners that we buy that gather dust by February and the gym memberships that we forget we even signed up for.

This is different because I’m going to be with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

Think of me as your own personal witchy sister, here to cheer you on when you need that extra encouragement and celebrate your successes!

I am passionate about helping people uncover their own magic and use it to grow, learn, take their power back and change their lives and the world they live in. 

Join me on this 7 week journey dedicated to raising your own magical power through practice and action.


Each Magical Monday you will receive a video module of:

  • Mystical Assignments of Self Dates and Dares
  • Group Guidance with Tarot Divination from Me
  • Step-by-Step Details of My Own Personal Everyday Spells of Pattern Breaking, Confidence Boosting, Lightning Focus and Building a Solid Foundation for Love/Success Magnetism

You will also receive:

  • 24 Worksheets of Mystical Prompts and Questions to Amplify Your Inner Alchemist
  • An Enchanted Playlist from Me to You (because Music is a Magical Motivator)
  • And a bonus 3 Audio Journeys that you can listen to anywhere called the Adventure with the Ancestors.  I will guide you through this journey to open your mind, release blocks and tap into your own ancient wisdom.


You will be invited to our secret online community of like-minded magic makers all over the world, who will help support you in this journey.

Let’s make a commitment to change and stick with it together.

2020 is the year we SEE CLEARLY and understand the power of our own mystic arts to change ourselves and the world.