Oracle of the Forest Anointing Divination Magic Oil

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Oracle of the Forest Anointing Divination Magic Oil

The Enchantment of a Forest.  Lush Green Moss.  The Rippling Sound of Leaves Blowing in the Wind.  The Smell of Woods - Alive and Vibrant.

Oracle of the Forest will take you to this mystical place.

A must have anointing oil for Green Witches and Forest Witches.  This potion works its magic with scent transportation to the deep forest magic, no matter where in the world that you find yourself.

Dab on your wrists, neck and heart to draw the wisdom of the Forest to you.

Anoint your candles for grounding, divination and abundance spell craft.

Add drops to your ritual bath to call all of your power back to you and feel the strong, deep energy of the Forest itself. 

Our sense of smell is our strongest form of memory... and this deep forest scent will evoke that peace and calm of a walk through the trees.  Let this scent guide your intuition, as you close your eyes and channel what it is that you need to know.  The scent of the Forest stirs and enlivens your sixth sense. 

Each 1oz bottle is crystal infused with rose petals and mint.

The top of each bottle is adorned with a rainbow crystal druzy, calling down the magic of an Enchanted Forest to our potion.

When you are finished with the potion in your bottle, the clear quartz point inside shall be charged with all of your channeling magic and workings and can be a treasured divination amulet itself.

Small Batch.

Created with love and intention by Real Life Lovers, Conjuring Co-Conspirators and Magic Makers, David Garfinkel & Veronica Varlow.