Ritual: A Custom Spell Box for Halloween. Limited Edition.

Love Witch Potions & Devotions

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Ritual:  A Custom Spell Box for Halloween.  Limited Edition.


Our very first handcrafted limited edition Spell Box for The Season of the Witch.  This box has been several months in the making as each piece is hand carved, handmade or hand blended for you.

This Spell Box will be a LIMITED EDITION of only 50 kits because of the intensive nature of custom craft in each one. 

We want to bring you the very best in Spellcraft, and that means the personal positive intentions that go into creating each Spell Kit.

Each Spell Box contains:

  • The Portal, An Antique Skeleton Key Amulet wrapped with an Aura Amethyst Crystal, which will "open the door" for your own channeling, dream work and magical manifestations upon wearing.

  • Ritual. A Purple Velvet Mojo Bag with our Sigil for our infamous Chelsea Hotel Coven in New York City on it.  You can keep your Skeleton Key Amulet or your perfume oil in it to soak up all the good vibes.
  • An 8ml Jet Black Glass Roller Vial of our Latest Perfume Oil: 69 Love Songs, which is a sultry blend of clove, tobacco and chocolate.
  • A Glass Vial of Worship Me, our blend of high quality organic sea salts and rose petals to use for your Ritual Bath.

  • A 2oz Travel Tin of Smoke & Mirrors, our latest custom incense blend inspired by darkwave goth clubs, clove cigarettes, love notes written with black eyeliner on bar napkins, vampire kisses and a midnight mood.

  • Eternal, our Hand-Carved Yellow Confidence Candle, Decorated with Black Midnight Glitter.  My own personal Sigil is carved on the front to magnetize the very best to you.  Burn to boost confidence, glamour with radiance and bring all the best opportunities to your feet.

  • Pumpkins & Pentagrams. A Hand-Carved Pentagram Orange Votive for Spellcraft with Black Midnight Iridescent Glitter.  
  • Spell Scroll, a Halloween Spell personally created by me & David Garfinkel, with elements of my Grandma Helen's magic, in which you can use the elements of this Spell Kit to perform.