Sex on The Beach Handmade Incense

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Sex on The Beach Handmade Incense

A seductive incense blend to recreate steamy Summer days all year round. 

Your skin beads with water from the ocean, as you close your eyes and stretch your body out on a towel on the warm sand.  The smell of suntan lotion and the salty air mingle in the breeze.  These Summer days are long and lazy, with hot nights as the colorful lights flash on the boardwalk.  Take to sneak away from the crowds…..

Sex on the Beach incense is created with an organic wood base with top notes of orange, patchouli, coconut and musk for a sensual, hot, romp.  Stir up the fire of Summer throughout the year. 

Our incense arrives to you in a keepsake Love Witch travel tin.

Our incense is self-igniting, which means you don’t need a charcoal to start it, you can just put a tiny pinch on top of the tin, light, lightly blow on it so there are burning embers and the sweet smoke of Sex on the Beach will take you on a journey.

You can burn in a cauldron or any heat safe container as well.  Loose wood base incense is the choice of magic makers because of its dramatic flair while burning.  

Original Blend created with love by David Garfinkel & Veronica Varlow, handcrafted at Enchantments in NYC.