Summer Lovin' Anointing Love Magic Oil

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Summer Lovin' Anointing Love Magic Oil

Sweet Coquette. Summer Love. The Succulent Smell of Strawberry.  The Thrill of a First Crush.  The Gentle Brush of Lips for a first Summer Kiss.  Juicy.  Flirty.  

One thing is for sure...with our Summer Lovin' Anointing Potion Oil, they will not be able to get you out of their mind!

Our most popular smelling incense, Strawberry Moon, has been transformed into an anointing oil to lightly dab on your wrists, neck and your heart as perfume to set that love vibe curiosity in motion.  

Anoint your candles for your sweet love spells.

Add drops to your ritual bath before that hot date or put a drop on your love letters to make them think of you.

Our sense of smell is our strongest form of memory... and our delicious scent will evoke that brush against skin for the first time you hold hands, the sweet Summer heat around you as you feed each other strawberries so slowly, the shivers before your lips touch.

Each 1oz bottle is crystal infused with rose petals and 2 jasmine blossoms for love that were charged at the Legendary Chelsea Hotel during the Full Moon of July. 

The top of each bottle is adorned with a black crystal druzy, calling down the sweet stars of a Summer night to our potion.

When you are finished with the potion in your bottle, the clear quartz point inside shall be charged with all of your love magic and workings and can be a treasured love amulet itself.

Small Batch.

Created with love and intention by Real Life Lovers, Conjuring Co-Conspirators and Magic Makers, David Garfinkel & Veronica Varlow (who are doing a lot of Summer Lovin' at Coney Island).