Amulet of Intuition: The Spectaculus

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Amulet of Intuition:  The Spectaculus

The Spectaculus Amulet of Intuition, this woven circle of hemlock and silver, designed by David Garfinkel and handcrafted by David and Veronica with the enchantment of the river, the woods and the electric creativity of the city, to connect you to the Coven.

Each hand made one-of-a-kind Amulet comes with a special spell in a scroll to activate its intention and powers to its Owner.

The circular symbol of Hemlock summons the mystical energy of the full moon, and symbolizes the worldwide circle community of our Coven.

When you wear the Spectaculus Amulet of Intuition, you are magnetically connected to our magic community, a web of branches across the world, practicing the mystical arts.  This is a secret symbol that will let others know that you are part of this magic tradition of our Coven.

Creation and Meaning of the Amulet of Intuition

The Story from David:

The initial design of the amulet came to me in a kind of vision as I woke up one morning. I told Veronica...I saw a branch wound and woven into a circle and I want to try to make it. She was excited by it! To me, it was this simple idea that felt ancient, like I was reaching back into the past, feeling what it was like to be a child on the beach or an old man by a river..this bound circle, so simple but also so connected.

The next weekend we found the right kind of branch, Hemlock Pine, in a grove by a beautiful lake in the Poconos. We wove the circles, a peaceful process, it felt like journeying into some old magical creation. At home in Chelsea, I wound the silver wire, differently for each unique circle, and created the loop for the rope to pass through. We presented them that week at our Coven for the Strawberry Moon.

During the ceremony they were all magically blessed twice, once with words and once with actions. These second generation amulets will also be blessed, by us before we send them, and then by you, once you’ve received them. The members of the Chelsea Coven have all been wearing our amulets ever since the night of that Coven, and Veronica and I have begun to think of them as one of the enduring symbols of membership in the Coven. Let your amulet remind you that you have the power of sight...into the future and into the past and also into others and the world around you. Use your intuition to interpret the world, create within it and encourage your powers of mystical vision.


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