Virtual Witch Camp 2019: Book of Spells

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Virtual Witch Camp 2019: Book of Spells

Join us INSTANTLY!  The moment you sign up , you will receive your first week's magical assignment!

Stir Your Wild Intuition.  Conjure your most Magical Life.

Are you ready for an adventure with like-minded magic makers from all over the world? 

This is the FIRST year that I am bringing the magic of Witch Camp online for EVERYONE to get an opportunity to experience the community, the witchy learning and the fun together.  

Witch Camp is a virtual BRAND NEW 7-week program open to ALL people who are genuinely interested in accessing their truest INDIVIDUAL magic and harnessing it to manifest positive things in their world.

Learn on your OWN TIME and at your own pace around YOUR schedule.  

This is the very Witch Camp that Faerie Magazine covered with stories of spells in abandoned fireplaces atop mountains, with candle circles of whispered wishes in the woods, and sigil songs on the direction of the four winds.  

Each Witchy Wednesday, you will receive a themed Witch Camp module from me, that includes:

  • A 20-40 minute instructional weekly video download for you to keep.  You have the ability to bring Witch Camp with you everywhere and watch on your computer desk top, laptop, tablet or phone, on your schedule.

Psssst.....let's make visual art spells together for our Grimoires! 

I'll show you how, step-by-step, here's mine:

  • Digital and detailed Love Witch Book of Spells pages for you to guide you in your magic journey making your grimoire each week.
  • A live streamed international meet-up online where we will connect as a coven for you to ask questions and share.  This will also be recorded and sent to all, and magic questions can be sent in advance that I will answer for you.
  • A secret Facebook group where we can connect, share photos of our spells, share results and triumphs, and encourage each other.

Looking forward to working weekly BRAND NEW magic with all of you wild witch campers!




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